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I think the problem is, people have assumed that SARC is a HFT sport. It is now becoming obvious that it is a FT sport, just with cheaper equipment.

HFT shooters get their stability from the peg, they use the peg to steady the for end and this gives them accuracy.

FT shooters use the sitting position and raise their knees and use their knees as the peg for stability.

So, if there are no pegs, but sitting is allowed, then the FT style is the most stable and FT shooters will always have an advantage.

If you want a fair playing field though, then why not ban pegs and say that all prone shots must be taken from the shoulder with no butt rested on the ground.

Allow sitting, but the legs must be in the flat position with the back of the knees touching the floor. This means no one can bench rest their shot.

But then again, I do not know of any humane hunter who does not use either a branch, a tripod, peg or post to steady the rifle, so if you are going to ban pegs, you should really stop saying that SARC is a hunting simulation as it isn't.

I would also say that forcing shooters to rely on muscle power to steady their rifles benefits the young and the fit, and puts children, women and the older or infirm shooters at a disadvantage. The reason pegs have become the norm in HFT, is they are a great leveler and it take the ability to have big muscles out of the equation. This is why you see many more young, old and female shooters in HFT then you do in FT.

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