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Originally Posted by paul4be View Post
There is an "OR" in your suggestion that is likely to cause "debate" as well given how some of this has gone

i.e knee, shin OR foot area only. The bag is likely to contact more than one of those areas in use.
You're right, that could be worded a little better..

The kneeling position is defined as only 3 points of contact with the ground (2 feet & 1 knee).

The rear foot shall be upright and straight in line with the knee, sitting on a turned foot is not allowed.

A legal bean bag/seat may be used to support the knee, shin and foot areas, not the buttock or thighs.

The rifle will be supported only by the two hands with the rifle butt in the shoulder, no other part of the body can be used to support the rifle nor can the hands be supported on any other part of the body.

Please be aware that the hands cannot be dropped to allow the wrist joint, arm or any other part of the body to support the rifle. The leading hand should also be forward of the knee, to illustrate this the supporting hand should be dropped down vertically, if it contacts with any part of the knee/leg the supporting hand is deemed too far back & therefore not forward of the knee.

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