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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
Add in
Butt is to be placed outside clothing in order to avoid additional support (kneelers or standers)

I would also like to see lane marshals give advice to the less experienced shooters who are very likely to be utterly confused by what they see is being done by some (even AA). Some realistic help to raise the game across all levels.
From my perspective, there are 3 main areas of the current kneeling position that are often flouted :
  1. Large bean bags are being used that puff up and provide extra support to the bum and thighs
  2. The rifle stock isn't always clear of the forearm
  3. The supporting hand isn't always forward of the knee
  4. There is limited understanding of the current rules and inconsistent marshalling of the kneeling lanes

To my mind, those are the areas that should be addressed, any additional rules that don't address those problems directly are possibly solutions looking for a problem where none currently exists.

As Jono quite rightly says - this rule change (as well as the sling rule) will affect thousands of shooters, not only in the GP's but in regional events too. They may even affect our friends from all over the world too.

As I said before, my objection isn't a self serving one - I honestly feel that the proposal voted in at the AGM is to the detriment of the sport.
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