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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
Probably said many pages ago but just to say again.

The cttee made it clear that they did not want any form of ankle roll (it was discussed). Bags are just to keep the knee clean and not provide support. One motion was withdrawn which mentioned them and nobody proposed any amendments to the motion which was voted through. The intent of the cttee was clear - 3 points of contact, no ankle supports, bag or mat just to keep the knee clean but not required. I.e. a simple definition which is easier to enforce.

The 2014 Main Shoot Rules will combine existing rules and the changes made at the AGM and will be discussed and clarified at the January EGM. So fine tuning will be done there.

Positionals are supposed to be more difficult than the freestyle (sitting) position. Someone effectively sitting whilst "kneeling" is just abusing all those who kneel correctly. There are many who have problems with knee joints and ankle problems and to help them the rule was brought in for 2013 that kneelers may be taken standing (but both targets, not mix and match).

Nobody should expect kneeling for FT targets to be comfortable, if you needed extra height while hunting then of course additional padding and support should be used. It is an artificial position which requires balance and composure for a short time whilst taking the shot not for the entire 2minutes for the lane.

I would suggest that either kneeling is made clear cut and more difficult than sitting or we simply do away with kneeling altogether and have more standers or even worse - require prone (no slings, no support) which would be unpopular with many others.

I am glad there is lots of discussion but it should be directed at the regional representatives and converted in to well constructed motions for the next meeting.
Hi Neil
I can't comment on what was discussed during the meeting but the accepted proposal in the draft minutes does not reflect this, it only addresses how a seat may be used if it is under the knee. if further clarification was needed during the meeting then how could anyone have discussed it before?

if you look at the SWEFTA proposal (in the agenda) there is fully written rule covering all aspects of the kneeling position, by comparison if you follow the same logic with the FFTA proposal then there is no limitation regarding the leading hand etc as the proposal only covers the physical kneeling part , or do we assume this is only an addition to the kneeling rule, if so then it only adds further restrictions to what is already written and doesn't remove the ability to use the seat under the rear ankle.

I read the agenda on the BFTA site when it was posted there and did not interpret the FFTA proposal to be a total re-write of the kneeling rule only an amendment to cover if the seat is placed under the knee as there was no explanation of what issue this was trying to fix, I (and it appears many others) came to the same conclusion.

It should be noted that when a change like this is made to the main shoot rules its not just a few hundred circuit shooter it effects but many thousand club/regional shooters that adopt BFTA rules.
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