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I have only being taking kneeling shots since the start of the current NEFTA winter league, the past few seasons I have being taking them standing due to arthritis in my knees but since having some physio a few months ago I am now able to kneel in a fashion.
Up until this Sunday I have been putting the bag under my shin and the pain has been bareable but yesterday I thought I would try the new position, I was in absolute agony and I am still in pain now
I look around at shoots and I see a fair number of competitors in there late 50's to early 70's, it hardly seems fair to penalise the very people who have probably been competing since the sport of FT began and they are now less supple and need a little more support for their ankles.
There's always plenty of marshalls on the shoots I have attended, let them enforce the rules as they stand and stop changing things for the sake of change.

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