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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Dave . FT is an off shoot of hunting . hunting does not have rules . you make em up as you go along . competion wise , you have to have rules . BUT FT should be open , or unlimited shooting . in otherwords as few rules as possible , that will allow you to be legal , safe and accurate . position wise , the things that are being proposed now are simply not needed . rules for rules sake . as said , put a circular or square hoop down on the firing point . you put your bean bag in it and your feet . sitting position , how you like within the circle . kneeling , right or left leg across the bag touching ankle , your thighs can touch , your bottom can touch . or you can stand . whatever suits you . standing .unsuported except by a single point or double point sling . slings as general rule can be used by the compeitor around the arm around the back or around the neck , as long as they are only tightened by the hand . anything you can do . anything you can invent within the rules is good . that is what open , unlimited class is about . not standing on a firing point looking at a pic of a fat welshman ( simon ) struggling to get into a poosition he does not want to adopt . right sod it . getting boring now ??? HOLLY
I am aware of the origins of the sport i enjoy holly thanks , how does your post answer my query?
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