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Hi Neil, thanks for your post. I know it must be frustrating to draft and redraft these proposals and difficult to keep them true to their original intentions. I know also that you are genuine in what you are saying and that at the meet it was black and white (as a stand alone proposal to ban slings) but as BFTA officers both present at the meeting your version & Shaun's differ in terms of how and why the proposal came about - and indeed when I first spoke to my SEFTA rep about this he told me exactly the same thing as Shaun; that it came about owing to a discussion on kneeling whereby it was felt that the sling supporting the gun forward of the wrist was contrary to the stance that the BFTA want to dictate for kneelers.

In any case, as you say the proper thing to do is to ask our rep to re-table it in Jan, which I have done and we will be doing.

I would just like to understand the thought process behind it all in the first place and whilst I appreciate you and Shaun weighing in, you shouldn't feel that you have to; I'd much rather a FFTA or WAFTA shooter PM me to explain what happened at their their regional meets & discuss the argument (please note the fact you choose not to use a sling is not a valid argument to ban their use by others) whilst confirming that I am out-of-touch & that there is a ground-swell of opinion in their regions for a ban - ps. I don't need anyone from NEFTA to do it as I know their reasons ie. tin chicken shooting ;-)
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