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Default oaktree 1/12/2013

here is simons report from sunday

Weather forcast was spot on for Sunday and in my experience so was the course.
Long, but when you have little wind its whats needed.

Scores as follows, Photos a little later

Ex 40


Simon Evans 39
Jack Harris 36
Mark Bassett 36
Chris Keyworth 35
Peter jacob 33
Richard Beaugie 33
Russek Summers 32
steve Chubb 28

I was Awsime, nearly! My lkegs were empty as a touch of the delly belly sunday morning left me a bit week. Still, no worries io missing my last target @ 37m standing after pumping the other 39!
Berty may be feeling abit intimadated after jack beat him in the shoot off with the intimidator
I could not keep up with Chris but he should have gone for yellow skulls! Red has been done!
Arms dealer convinced himself he was right, when he probably was straight!
Fozzzy Bear brings up the rear of "AA" class, but steve this is the class for the top shooters not Alcies lol

A Grade

Dave Williams 34
Paul Davies 33
Craig Corbett 31
Gwynne robinson 31
John Lewis 30
John Johnston 24
Dan Horricks 16 (Spring)

Big Dave put in a good one while acid Hands put in a fluke for second place. Mike said something about 33 being simular to armds dealers score?
Craig needs an ostler Ev2!
Hope Jon the Bank did not do too much damage to his scope when his knee gave way and he fell on it.
Just as in the wars was Gwynne, but the bang does not seem to have clouded his memory as he was straight in for the 26 haha
JJ's new sightron and walther combo was not quite up to last weeks result.

B Grade

Mike Long 35 (Spring)
Gethin Long 33
Gary Williams 33
Z. Khan 32
Derek Bendon 28 (Spring)
Gary hando 27
Dai Cooper 27
Zak Zaman 20
Brian Langford DNF

Tales of Woe!
BDL managed 4 lanes of Hit mis Hit mis 0X0 before on lane 5 according to the score card the daystate panther would not cock.
After a 3 month lay off Zak found out why most check their scopes from winter and summer, under ranging some 5 - 10 yards!
Shakka would have been in the shoot off for runner up if the kneeler he hit had actually been a sitter!!! You learn by your mistakes! Should have gone to specksavers!
Mike long put in an excellent 35 witht he springer, I would like to see mike doing Gp with his springer as he certainly seems to have it working well. Well done to young Gethin on the shoot off win but no need to grow any more!

C Grade

Martin Spike 27
Mathew Hacket 22
M.Yeoman 14

Nice to see a couple of new faces giving it as go, well done to Marin on the 27 which may be a PB in a Comp?
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