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Hmm, now I'm really confused. Much though I'd love to believe this is 28 pages of misinterpretation, I have to ask, if no change, then what was the point of the proposal? Plus the phrase about the bulk of the bag being 'in front of the shooter' (as oppose to under the ankle shin as at present) really doesn't go to back up this 'redraft of the status quo' version of events.
Once again I would bring it back to enforcing the rules we have - in doing this each example would help clarify the stance that the BFTA are trying to get us all to shoot.

Quick update on the 'Say NO to slinging out the sling campaign' as yet no word has reached me on how a ban benefits our sport etc but discussion at ourSEFTA regional winter league today reflected concern that the only stated reason anyone can find was the proposal itself, which stated that it should not be used as it '...steady's the aim..' (surely an oxymoron in any target shooting sport!?) if we go down this road then a ban on gloves, shooting jackets, butt-hooks, custom stocks etc is sure to follow, so cancel all Xmas presents t yourselves now!!
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