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Originally Posted by AlexS View Post
The wording is in fact ambiguous. An easy way to clarify the rules is to append the intended meaning of it.

Another thing: Today I deliberately tried the banned stance. I have only a normal sized bag but I rolled it tight, put it halfway under my ankle and the rest of it protruded enough between my legs to form a solid rest for my buttock. It was very comfortable, but thats it - nothing more. The wobble in my aim still came from my left knee where the rifle balanced on my hand - nothing changed, no better score. As long as there is no support for the left knee, it makes no difference. So why prohibit it? OK, it was already banned before, but why bother and annoy all us ankle handicapped shooters with new and overly complicated regulations?
I am sorry Alex, I don't know who you are but you clearly have no idea what you are on about. sitting on a bag which supports the ankle and buttox as you say, is a whole lot more stable than just supporting the ankle. It prevents any lateral movement of the supporting leg I.e. Sideways movement . It also takes a lot of pressure off the ankle.
Having no ankle support at all is the least stable.
Do you shoot in BFTA or are you in Germany where German firearms law dictates the use of a bag to sit (sorry kneel) on whilst kneeling
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