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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Brian i know what you are saying and i do not disagree,but is this not the exact reason kneeler's are being looked at.
If people just twist word's so thing's suit themselves then we are back to people doing as they please.
It is possible to adapt to change,i know two shooter's that can not do kneeler for health reason's.
Tony waistnage shoot's right handed but take kneelers of his right leg and Peter Rowley who take's his kneeler's left handed beside's being a righty.These individual's are a credit to the sport not taking the easy option and not being beat by there aillment's.
For what it's worth i think we should do away with the bag on the kneeling lane altogether,that way no one can be accused of cheating through use of interpretation.
Just my pennith worth on this now very tiresome subject.
I totally agree with you Simon.. I'm as shocked as you are

I'm not twisting words and whatever is agreed on I will abide by (just as I abide by the current rules), just quoting them exactly as they were proposed and voted on at the AGM.. two people who were actually at the meeting (Trev and Jono) have the same understanding of the proposal (in fact they were the ones that pointed it out to me).

There does seem to be an undercurrent of assumptions on this thread that anyone who is against the rule change must be against it for self serving reasons. I'm not, the reason I'm against this rule change is that I don't think it fairly addresses the actual problem and I don't think there was sufficient consultation with shooters before the AGM.

I'm not blaming the reps for the lack of consultation, I'm blaming the archaic and overly rigid system with have in place.
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