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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Tried this with both types of boot now and with the normal walking boot we use after 30 seconds in this posture what you will get is PAIN . so use the ones with the stiff last i hear you say . trouble with that is that they weigh a ton .i normally shoot in light boots or plimys in the summer . looks like there is gonna be a lot of people in open class next year ??? HOLLY
Not at all Holly, see Jono Noon's post above.. so long as you don't use a bean bag for knee protection, the proposal about shins etc doesn't apply.

He's quite right, I dunno how I didn't spot it.. the proposal that was voted on says "When using a seat for protection of the knee, whilst taking KNEELING SHOTS,... "

So if you're NOT using your seat for protection of the knee, absolutely nothing has changed and the new proposal doesn't apply.
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