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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
I think the problem is Buzz that it doesn't seem like a necessary or fair to all solution to the problem it's trying to solve. We should consider everyone when a new rule is introduced, not just consider if we're ok ourselves personally.

I was chatting to Trev Ryan today about the new rule and he said he came away from the AGM meeting under the impression that it was still ok to use a kneeling roll instead of a bag, but on looking at the minutes it seems that he came away from the meeting with the wrong impression - additional mats and rolls are not allowed.

Personally I'd have thought that was a fairer solution to the problem - just allow people to use a kneeling roll to support the ankle rather than a bag - problem solved.
Have to agree with Trev on this one, if you read the wording that is currently in the draft minutes

[FFTA] Kneeling: When using a seat for protection of the knee, whilst taking
KNEELING SHOTS, only the knee to be in contact with the seat and the bulk of the seat to be forward of the shooter NOT under the fore-leg nor under the thigh nor inner thigh. No additional seats, mats, rolls etc. to be used.

This states that if the seat is being used to protect the knee then only the knee may contact it, however it does not state that if the seat is not being used to protect the knee then it cant be rolled up and used under the ankle like a kneeling roll. It only states no additional seats, mats, rolls etc... may be used
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