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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
I have to admit that i get one hell of a buzz after putting in a strong score on a FT course whilst shooting 10 mag and bracketing, much the same i suspect as the Boinger shooters feel when they have a good 'un. Was chuffed to bits with a 27/30 on the last winter league shoot.
On the commitment front it's an issue trying to commit so much time ( and expense ) to amateur sport and try and balance that with spending enough quality time with your wife and kids. I was very very dedicated to my main sport as a younger chap and it was obsessive. Didn't do my family life much good.

If you could throw enough time and money at it you probably could be very good at both if you had the potential/ability. I'm still not sure you'd reach your very best? Maybe you would. I'd shot HFT for so long it just seemed normal to view a 25mm kill at 35 or 40 yards at 9x. I've only spent a few weeks ranging on 40x and shooting on 20x, but the other day I'd tuned another old 77 and took it with me to just check grouping. A 25mm kill at 40 yards on 9x looked tiny and I wondered how I ever shot them. Suppose if you put the time in you'd get used to moving from one to the other.

In the very short time I've been trying FT I've noticed it's a different set of skills so I think some people would naturally do better in one than the other.

Re Chris's comment about the boingers. I've said before that I think that's one of the appeals in springer class. The top pcp guys shoot just below their best and it probably costs them a win on that day but their scores will probably just drop by a few points. If the springer guy shoots just below his best the score totally plummets. So in HFT, in springer, when you score within half a dozen points of the best pcp score on the day it's a real buzz.

Well done on the 27/30.

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