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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Dave Hotshot Semmens is doing a good job at both codes I believe.
You're right Conor but Dave S doesn't do the UKAHFT rounds and that's the real barometer of who's got the skills in HFT. I don't doubt for a minute though that Dave would be a possible top 10 shooter if he had the inclination (and finances) to travel to all the shoots.

Funnily enough though.........a lot of the HFT top shots over the past 5 years originally started off in FT

I still have FT in my blood and now and again regret flogging my Big Nikko. This winter league i'm shooting SFT and next year i fancy doing it recoiling, maybe the year after i'll drop a FT scope on my second Steyr and give it a whirl. I have to admit that i get one hell of a buzz after putting in a strong score on a FT course whilst shooting 10 mag and bracketing, much the same i suspect as the Boinger shooters feel when they have a good 'un. Was chuffed to bits with a 27/30 on the last winter league shoot.
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