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Originally Posted by Lol Moore View Post

I knew you would know...if you know what I mean

So does that mean with your FFP reticle if you are looking at an object that is well away from the set parallax distance and so liable to parallax error, that when you then do the "head bop" the reticle moves in relation to the object your aiming at (obviously) but it also moves in relation to the edges of the sight picture - the black ring if you will?

I dont currently have a FFP scope but there is one in the pipeline
Yes it does.. but, to save you the expense of a FFP scope.. (you'd also need a ret with some sort of hash marks out toward the edge of the ret).. there's another method which works just as well.

Get the eye relief of your scope so that if you get your head position wrong, the edges of the sight picture aren't a crisp black circle.

I've just tested it out with my scope - it's set up for both of those methods ( oddly enough ) and yup, if my head isn't central I can instantly see it with the ret hash marks at the edge of the picture, but I can also see it with the edge of the sight picture not being as crisp.

I'd be tempted to go for that, since you can no longer buy a Gen2 mildot FFP ret and I'm taking mine to my grave with me
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