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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
That's the method I use.. only you don't need a full circle on the ret.

What I've got is a FFP Gen2 Mildot ret and it has little 5mill marks on the thick post.. if I set the mag between 9 and 10 one of the 5mil marks on the thick ret sits right on the edge of the sight picture.

So when I look through the scope, if I can see all 4 marks (1 on each thick post) then I know I'm somewhere near central.

A scope enhancer is probably a better method, but every little helps and scope enhancers aren't a great idea on springers.

I knew you would know...if you know what I mean

So does that mean with your FFP reticle if you are looking at an object that is well away from the set parallax distance and so liable to parallax error, that when you then do the "head bop" the reticle moves in relation to the object your aiming at (obviously) but it also moves in relation to the edges of the sight picture - the black ring if you will?

I dont currently have a FFP scope but there is one in the pipeline
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