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I also think Holly is right.

I started tinkering with FT mid 90s but never gave it a proper go due to a dodgy back.

I've then shot HFT for the last 12 or so years ( since day 1 ) but this winter I decided to move the 77 springer to FT in a proper FT stock with a FT type scope ... and switch to pcp for HFT. Setting up the 77 for FT and trying to get anything like reasonable results in a new poistion ( sitting ) has taken up the time that I've had and that the weather would allow. So I haven't touched a HFT gun or shot a HFT comp this winter so far. I'm going to my HFT club today to help put the course out for the HFT comp this Sunday, but I won't even be there ... I'll be at some other club trying to sort out the FT rig. Especially shooting the springer I think you have to dedicate all of your time to practice in that discipline but it will be similar with a pcp. I reckon if you try and do both you could maybe do them both quite well but you'll not reach your full potential in either.

I also go around in circles re the Comp Vs Plinking story. Shooting comps keeps you focused and that extra bit of tension makes you push yourself. Then after a while I realise I'm practising on a Saturday and then up at 6am on a Sunday, driving to the comp, shooting, driving home and getting back home at tea time and not seen the wife most of the weekend. In 3 to 4 hours on the course I've shot 30 pellets. If after half a dozen shots you realise the gun isn't right it's a very long 4 hours. In the bargain it's probably cost 40 to 50 quid in fuel, entrance fee and snappin. If you let it that can be most weekends ... and that's just one discipline. If you tried doing FT and HFT it would be every weekend.

So getting up at 9am on Sunday, popping down to the local club and taking a couple of guns, popping around the course with one gun, then a brew, then popping around again with another, maybe shooting all kneelers/standers, and being home for Sunday lunch and a beer with the wife at 1am, all for a fiver, gets very appealing.

Then after a while you think ... this is a bit boring ... I need that competition to put the excitement back into this ... and the circle goes on.

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