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Originally Posted by holly View Post
You have a HFT outfit and a FT outfit . really you cannot do both well . you need to get to a club that does these two sports . or make up your mind as to what it is you want to do and join either a HFT/ FT club . there you will find like minded shooters who will help you to get the best from what you have . if you are around wembley , then springfield arc near ongar is not to far from you . they do both FT and HFT . either way you have some good kit . enjoy it ??? HOLLY
Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
What makes you say that Holly? Both sports complement each other really well I think.
Holly is correct. To be good at both is difficult as practice makes perfect and not many of us can go shooting every day. I started off in FT and was AA but because i spent so much time shooting HFT found that the stablity of my sitting position had gone to pot. I shoot SFT now in the winter league but am only just finding that, after 12 months my sitting position is getting close to what it used to be.

Originally Posted by Tallycat View Post
I think it's M5 x 30.
Just checked my Steyr breakdown drawing and you are correct. I have one in my toolbox Simps if you're interested....drop me a PM if you're not sorted.

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