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Originally Posted by holly View Post
but to just plink all the time , nah . there has to be a focus to keep your interest . comps are one way of doing it . not the only way but a good one . i rolled up at lea valley ft club in 89 ,got slaughtered and was hooked . grrrr i can do better than this . still trying . Ms and if he is happy plinking . go with the flow ??? HOLLY
Wow Freud would have a field day with that statement Holly! Needing to keep score in order to keep interest. But it sounds like competition for you is healthy so all good. I'm hoping you have won stuff in the last 25 yrs or some might say you are only plinking

I'm only messing! I can be super competitive if I let myself and have some silverware from racing to prove that but I've also had big bills and got some scars where I ran out of talent when winning became all encompassing.

Anyway back to shooting. I have ordered some bits from Rowan and will start to learn about turrets, wheels, ranging, etc and report back.
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