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Originally Posted by greyskullnz View Post
Sorry Martin,
I couldn't understand a word you said!..........could you repeat it for me again?



ps: I have 5 NZAFTA badges to swap for others over in South Africa, Would love an English, Protea.......but most prized would be a Welsh Dragon!!!!!
Well I have collected a few badges and bits while in South Africa. About a year ago Martz gave me a BFTA badge and a Redfearn patch.

In SA I swapped NZ badges and apparel for an EFTA badge Thanks Rob F for that and a "shooting the breeze" patch, a Canadian club patch thanks to George Harde, I also got my prized CYMREIG DDRAIG, and an England team cap and Protea cap. Thanks to John Costello for his cap and Hennie Breytenbach for his.

So I am well satisfied with my memoirs......TBH the Welsh badge is GORGEOUS!!! Many Thanks to John Johnstone for the badge and the Welsh Team shirt.

I sort of remember some vague invitation made in the Bar over a few drinks with The Welsh boys, to come and stay and shoot over there. While there is nothing I would like more in the World......(well perhaps winning Lottery) It may take a while to get the time and money together for that. And thnaks to Doz for the offer of help organising the tickets.

In short, we are also wanting to round up any loose Kiwis living over there who shoot FT, wanting to shoot the 2010 Worlds in Hungary. If you are going anyway let us in NZ know and you can shoot under a NZ ASSN entry.

cheerio for now.
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