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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
What makes you say that Holly? Both sports complement each other really well I think.
they do mate . BUT to get to a decent level in both sports , that will keep your interest . well it would take just to much time . if you just want to be also ran . then no problem , but tell me WHO wants to be an also ran . plinking is all right , no probs . i always take my pistol with me to the club . in between practicing with my old shutz , i bash some twigs with it . good fun and relaxing . but to just plink all the time , nah . there has to be a focus to keep your interest . comps are one way of doing it . not the only way but a good one . i rolled up at lea valley ft club in 89 ,got slaughtered and was hooked . grrrr i can do better than this . still trying . but what ever it is this gents rifles and if he is happy plinking . go with the flow ??? HOLLY
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