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Originally Posted by simps View Post
I will find a club in time but doubt I will stay faithful to one discipline. I love shooting and the variety available so for now I will casually enjoy both without looking to become the supreme ruler of either. Otherwise before long I will join those who take achieving all too seriously and find myself moaning about rule changes, people bending the rules, people spending too much on kit etc etc and before long it will lose the fun.
Oooh quite wise words. Spoken from a chap who is clearly not a slave to any camp. Whenever I stupidly get myself involved in internet discussions about rules etc I always think of that children's story/song ... " The King is in the alltogether ... the alltogether ...".

Some of the best days I've had shooting over the last 20 years ( and at the best attended places ), have been the places who have long since turned their backs on types of shooting or rules, and just let people turn up and enjoy themselves. Then that awful bug 'competitiveness', and the rush that it provides, raises it's ugly head. I hate being an addict.

I'd still advise getting to a club even if you don't wish to be labelled as one thing or the other. Most clubs on non comp club days allow you to shoot how you wish and you will get more useful advice in a morning at a club than you will get on the net in a month.

Oh ... and you're spending far too much on kit.

Keep enjoying matey.

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