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Originally Posted by holly View Post
You have a HFT outfit and a FT outfit . really you cannot do both well . you need to get to a club that does these two sports . or make up your mind as to what it is you want to do and join either a HFT/ FT club . there you will find like minded shooters who will help you to get the best from what you have . if you are around wembley , then springfield arc near ongar is not to far from you . they do both FT and HFT . either way you have some good kit . enjoy it ??? HOLLY
Thanks but I'm not looking to join the elite of either HFT or FT I just enjoy shooting and when I get interested in something it consumes me. Perhaps I should have mentioned that while I was down at AC Sporting Targets I also had a lesson on their skeet clays. A neighbour shoots 1000-1200yrd fullbore at Bisley and I fully intend to give that a go also at some point.

I will find a club in time but doubt I will stay faithful to one discipline. I love shooting and the variety available so for now I will casually enjoy both without looking to become the supreme ruler of either. Otherwise before long I will join those who take achieving all too seriously and find myself moaning about rule changes, people bending the rules, people spending too much on kit etc etc and before long it will lose the fun.
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