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Definitely easier to click if you are shooting on higher mag for FT. I range on 45 & shoot on 35 usually, takes a bit of the wobbles out. If you are going to try FT, you want to start setting the rifle up & practice sitting as soon as you can as it isn't as easy as it looks, in that respect, HFT is easier with most shots being prone, it will be ranging that gets you most (or wind).

I also zero to 25 yards, then it's all holdover, which for me I find easier, especially for HFT. But a few top shooters use different zero ranges, I know of some on 30, 35 & 40 yards zero's, so it's what suits you & your set up best.

Just find a club, try the different disciplines & see how you get on, set yourself a target after your 1st shoot & ignore what the other shooters are getting, you'll enjoy it more & if you enjoy it, the scores come up naturally you'll find
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