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You have excellent kit there.

I'm not sure what your intentions were/are? To shoot FT and HFT?

Were you shooting the 61 yard small spinners prone or off a bench?

Shooting prone with the Steyr/EB will give you great accuracy but HFT isn't easy. The difficulty is judging the range and the wind and hitting the often smallish killzones on a lowish mag. It's also a lot easier on the range than in a real comp where the adrenaline is flowing and the ground is uneven etc.

Re your FT kit ... If you are going to shoot using the dots and hold over/under then you have to shoot on the same mag everytime, otherwise the relationship between the dots and the target will be wrong. You can range at a higher mag and then either shoot at that mag using the dots, or you can drop the mag to shoot to help minimise wobble. Just make sure it's the same mag that you have worked your dots out for everytime. Or ... you range and dial, which seems to be the most popular option. The dialling for trajectory does seem the better option as you just aim with the cross hairs vertically and only have to worry about wind ( sideways ). I've been trying to use holdover/under with the dots and I've made a few simple errors. I range on high mag ( 40x ) and shoot on 20x ( where I know my dots ). If, like an idiot, I forget to turn down to 20x then the dots don't work and you can easily miss ( depending on range of target ). So although I'm only a novice I'd take the advice that keeps being given to me and set up the scope's elevation turret for different ranges and then dial the range and aim bang on. Big sidewheel helps as you get more distance between the markings for range when you set them up. So then you just range on high mag until in focus and then dial that distance on the top turret.

There are guides on how to set this up. Just Google setting up scope FT and you'll find a very good PDF file.


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