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Default All the gear and no idea... out for first play with EV2 & Steyr

First day out with my new gear, well first day shooting airguns in years even.

When getting mounts at Woodys of Wembley I was recommended AC Sporting targets to zero in and have a play. Went down today and joined up and met a great crowd there. Very welcoming and helped set me up with targets.

First out was the EV2 MK4 with a Sightron 10-50x60 milldot. First impressions were the grip felt quite large (?) and the last person had the trigger set to just a touch more than a feather. I would prefer a bit more pull and will google around later on how to fix that. It zero'd in easily at 35yrds (recommended by the others) but from there I started to get a bit unstuck on whether I should start holding over under on such a big FT scope or start using the turrets. At the moment I don't have a wheel so no marking up ranges but I was keen to try and get the trajectory mapped a bit. However the variable magnification was becoming distracting and the consequent change in physical distance between milldots on the target.
I also found the higher mag a bit distracting with the wobbles. Even on a bench rest on 50x it is quite tricky to get it stable.

Decided to try the Steyr with the EB Sniper 10-42. Completely different, the grip was much smaller and felt better in hand but the butt hook/pad was uncomfortable but no idea where it should be on me yet. There is a slight metallic 'ting' at the end of the firing not sure if that's typical?
This mag was much easier to work with and in 10mins I had it zero'd at 35yrds and worked out that;
1 milldot up for 25yrds
1 dot down at 43yrds
bottom edge of 1 milldot at 51 yrds
2 mildots at 61 yrds.

I was pinging the small spinners at 61 yrds very easily using the above. The gun is very flattering and so easy to shoot and the scope is so bright and simple that I started feeling bad that I didn't want to pick up the other gun with the 1k super scope on it!

I got lost in the plinking fun and forgot that I didn't even have to worry about range finding let alone a steady seating position!

Anyway be grateful for any advice on the best approach for higher mag scopes and the steps I should take towards range finding and adjusting the scope to match the range.

Oh and lastly does anyone know what size bolt a steyr takes in a standard grip? The seller had laminate grips but didn't have a matching bolt for the standard ones. I put in a temp but its a bit long.
Air Arms EV2 Mk4 + Sightron 10-50 x 60
Styer LG110 FT + EB Sniper
.... all the gear and no idea!

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