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Red face Reflections

I had three frames to make today and some turning to do.
During the course of the morning, I got to thinking (making frames & wood-turning can be mind-numbingly boring at times) what if, try as hard as he might, Steve can't get through to me on Sunday?
What if I go to Sywell and don't clear 20+ targets?
What happens if I get 4 again? Or even 3.

I got so distracted that I started to turn a table lamp stem into a light-pull.

Then I came to my senses again.
Do I care???
Am I ever likely to become an AA grade FT shot?
Will I go to Lithuania with a plausible chance of becoming the 2015 World Champion?
Will folks on ShtBr do anything more than extract the urine if I fail hopelessly?

No. No. No. & No.

I do this for fun.
I do it so that I don't sit at home, looking out of the window, feeling sorry for myself because my body is a mess.
I do it because I enjoy the company of people who find as much enjoyment in throwing lead at tin plate as I do. OK. Arguably, a psychiatrist would have a field day if he processed that statement. But ......

I don't really have a care in the world. Steve is not going to eat me.
You lot are not going to disown me.
Shaun or Gilly are not going to tell me to stay away from the Winter Leagues because I'm a disgrace to FT. (whatever they may think, in the privacy of their own minds)

I'll do my best at Sywell. I can't do better than that.

4 or 40 ~ if I've done as well as I can do on the day, that's as much as I can expect of myself.
All you have to do is recognize that I'm a pooooo shot
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