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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I've been going to Airgun clubs for 20 years and due to a back prob I spent over half of that time shooting standers standing and everything else kneeling. So it's of interest to me and probably why I get a tad disappointed when I see some of the controversial stances.

Has anyone actually done any trials on this?

I've always shot 3 point with no bag and elbow pretty much near knee. Today I tried holding aim on a 15mm dot at 15 yards using my stance. For me the main problem holding steady was the relationship between front arm and front thigh and the fact that the rear elbow 'floats' without contact/support. I tried a bag in different positions but wasn't convinced the aim was greatly improved.

Have trials been done? Take a couple of shooters from each grade. Ask them to shoot groups at a set distance using stances without bag, with bag under shin/instep and with bag under bum. You obviously need the shooters to be honest and to try hard to get the best groups they can. They can do it at their own clubs ( maybe with a witness ).

If the groups show no great difference then you could say that trials show no real advantage so just use your bag as you wish and no more complaining will be accepted. If the groups do show a noticable difference then at least those that use a controversial stance will know that those complaining have a point ... and you are justified in trying to do something about it.

Has anything like this been done?
Sounds sensible and practical.
So long as no-one suggest that I be one of the people from 'C' Grade. That would certainly confuse the results/outcomes.
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