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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I think that could be a combination of factors.

1) If it wasn't on the agenda originally circulated then people may not have been aware

2) If the minutes/reports haven't made it around the regions to their shooters then they aren't aware of the decision

3) Not many use slings, so not many know/knew/care so much

Your last point is interesting, I suppose you could say that, and that would solve all the problems (except those that like something under their knee, but i guess that could be written in. Can't be considered against the spirit of the sport if it's emphatically allowed.
Hi Rob,

In SEFTA we voted on a set of draft proposals that came out at the start of Oct - which contained no sling ban proposal. It did appear on the final agenda doc. in late Oct (3 wks before the meet) but we'd all meet and voted by then so I guess that even when Barry Mac circulated the final doc none of us re-read it to make sure it was the same as what we'd voted on - our bad - but a natural enough mistake as we believed we'd covered it already.

Your point about not many people caring is probably more pertinent but then that only goes to underline my point, which is if no-ones got an issue, why ban them in the first place??

On the plus side, Shaun has made clear in his post that it's not a done deal yet, so I'll speak with the other SEFTA clubs to come to a consensus (for or against) and ask Kilty to come back with a vote on our behalf accordingly.
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