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Although there is no reason not to have a wider poll of all BFTA registered and currently valid shooters those views will not have any force directly on the committee. The voting is solely done by the Regions (or Executive Members in Constitution speak) i.e. a max of 9 votes (if there is a tie the Chair can vote but only to maintain the status quo i.e. no change.

Anything else will require a change in the Constitution which states

"Alteration to the Constitution
The constitution may be altered by a resolution supported by not less than two-thirds of the Executive Bodies present and voting at an annual general meeting, or an extraordinary general meeting called for this purpose. The notice of the meeting must include notice of the resolution, setting out the terms of the alteration proposed"

So if someone wants to change the way the BFTA Committee operates then you either have to wait until 2014 and submit the text well in advance of the AGM or request an EGM for that sole purpose. which means
" An Extraordinary meeting may be called at any time by the chairman or by any 5 Executive Bodies upon not less than 14 days notice being given to the other members of the Management Committee of the matters to be discussed."

Even then a quorum is needed otherwise the meeting is adjourned to another date (14days or so later).

So setting up a poll mechanism would be useful as a means of getting a broader viewpoint but it will not have any mandate over the Regional Representatives who could simply ignore it and prefer the views of their own regional meetings.

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