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I'd already thought of all of that Rob, and was developing a solution that would solve all of the questions you raised.. it was going to be the site which is partially there..

On the question of MFTA and NEFTA members outweighing the other regions.. the votes would be collated by regional group.. so MFTA would still have 1 vote and NEFTA would still have 1 vote.. the deciding factor on that vote would be the number of votes for or against from members in that region.

On the question of people who are not involved sticking their oar in... that was the other part of - it would know who shoots which competitions and could weight voting on those that take part in GP's, Regionals.. etc.. and could even weight the vote based on how many of those types of competitions you'd shot in the past.

I'm a long way from finishing it.. but the point is, all of those issues are solvable by technology.

In the short term certainly for this issue, another solution will need to be found (or not).

We do have the ability to create a poll right now. Cross reference the BFTA numbers against those who will be affected and weight the results like that. Although this particular decision would eventually affect all FT shooters - whether at National or Regional level. The votes could also be grouped by region so that each region still has 1 vote.

The long and the short of it is that perhaps the system has failed on this particular issue.. and possibly the sling thing too. That's not a reflection on the excellent and tireless effort put in by our club / regional reps.. it's just a reflection on the archaic communication system we have in place at the moment.
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