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I agree with Holly. and that's no disrespect to any of the existing committee members, you're all doing a great job under very difficult circumstances.

But.. it's plain to see from this thread that the current system is flawed. The current system being that each shooter is responsible for reading the BFTA agenda, then finding out when their next regional meeting is (which very often isn't publicised), then contacting their club rep to put forward your comments. Those comments are then taken to the next regional meeting to be discussed and if it's decided there's merit in your comment, those comments to then be passed on at the BFTA meeting etc etc..

What a kerfuffle!.. it's no wonder that in practical terms this doesn't happen.

Now I can see the reason for it when the system was set up back in the mists of time, but technology has moved on since then.. there's no reason why an online comment and voting system couldn't be put in place. The votes could still be collated on a regional grouping.. so that each regional rep would know the feeling from their members about any agenda item.

p.s. I set up a polling system years ago that was used by the then BFTA Comp Sec (Dave Baines), when the question of should we go to 50 targets came up.. That question was voted on by all the BFTA card members who were interested in the outcome and those results were then used to decide to go to 50 targets. That was what - 8 years ago or so... why haven't we done that for other questions?.. the mandate to do it must be there otherwise Dave wouldn't have been able to do it back then.

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