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Love to shaun . but to old and to far away . it is a fact that as you will know it is rarely the best people who get onto committees . it is usually the older shooters and quite often they are stuck in there ways . change is good in a lot of cases , as long as it is well considered and thought out properly . but at the mo a lot of change is being put forward by the shooters at the top of the tree , shooting wise . in otherwords the shooters who are going to the worlds and are some of the top shots in the GPs . they are looking for courses and rules that will benifit them in there climb to the top . BUT sometimes that leaves 95 % of the members of the BFTA with courses and rules that they would be uncomfortble with . what would i like to see ? targets that i can see from one shooting position . IE i do not have to move more than a shuffle of the feet to see through the scope . so that i can if i miss , ( unlikely ) learn something to apply to the next target . i would like to go back to 40 targets and marshalling ( as long as the marshaling was done properly ) on the shooting positions , i would like to see a circular shooting position IE like a hoop on the deck . bag goes in and that is where you sit , kneel , stand to shoot . you are allowed to use your bag in there as you see fit . slings ( single and double point ) , shooting gloves and shooting jackets all aloud .shooting positions all to be level as poss . no tree roots , big holes or rocks aloud . strings to be tied down . no stringing aloud . no shots into the ground closer than ten meters . no shots close to the target when discharging the pellet . ( snide wind checking ) at the showdown , targets can be taken in any order as stated before shooting . a showdown for the open class . and so on . would like to do more but gotta get my bike out for a ride around the bay . ( keep fit ) cheers shaun . i can truthfully say YOU are doing a good job ??? HOLLY
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