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Originally Posted by holly View Post
If you want to stop this sort of thing happening . then you have to change the system . i to use a sling , everybody is allowed to have one . they are cheap to buy and effective , so why ban em . more to the point is why not ban shooting gloves / jackets . not everybody can afford those . this one sounds like it comes from a spring gun shooter . why not take away the voting rights from the reps and give it to the great unwashed US . before christmas proposals are given to the reps , who meet and put them forwards . these proposals are given a form of words and then go up on the BFTA web site , for all card carrying members of the BFTA to vote on . you put your password in and number and click on the result you want for each proposal . simple , like woody . a round robin of members by e-mail will tell all this is gonna happen .
i think three balloons to tick would be about right . yes , no and the last one would say you do not think this propsal has merit and needs to be thought out again . ??? HOLLY
Holly, as you have the answer to most of the ailments of FT then why not join the committee and represent your region or, even better, stand for Chair so you can influence all this poor decision making.

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