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Originally Posted by EELS View Post
22 pages of debate over kneelers - impressive - & it shows that it's a subject people care about.

Strange then that I've gone through all the posts and no-one has mentioned Fenlands proposal to ban slings?? If it was something that needed banning I would have thought it should have provoked more of a debate? Perhaps it wasn't worth baning in the first place?

As someone who has shot FT for 23 years, with a sling - can someone please tell me why this has been banned? Surely there can't be an unfair advantage? After-all anyone can use one if they want to and it can't be 'elitest' either, not at the cost of a few why make this change after a quarter of a century? Someone must know why...??

What's more this has gone through with only three regions voting for it! SEFTA abstained because the proposal had not been in the copy of minutes that we had voted on - and there were two other abstentions and two 'againsts' besides. Ridiculous & change for change's sake.

Oh, and on the kneeler thing; 3 points of contact with the ground and you can do what the hell you like after that to take the steadiest shot you can - exactly as you would do 'in the field' which is what we were supposed to be (loosely) mimicking if I remember correctly. All that's got to happen then is for the rule to be enforced but we all know that probably won't happen, don't we?

If you want to stop this sort of thing happening . then you have to change the system . i to use a sling , everybody is allowed to have one . they are cheap to buy and effective , so why ban em . more to the point is why not ban shooting gloves / jackets . not everybody can afford those . this one sounds like it comes from a spring gun shooter . why not take away the voting rights from the reps and give it to the great unwashed US . before christmas proposals are given to the reps , who meet and put them forwards . these proposals are given a form of words and then go up on the BFTA web site , for all card carrying members of the BFTA to vote on . you put your password in and number and click on the result you want for each proposal . simple , like woody . a round robin of members by e-mail will tell all this is gonna happen .
i think three balloons to tick would be about right . yes , no and the last one would say you do not think this propsal has merit and needs to be thought out again . ??? HOLLY
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