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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
I think the bag will always cause an issue, it naturally inflates up and quite often the shooter may not realise he/she are getting more support than is actually within the rule.

The Welsh man in the first pic informed me his bum/hamstring was not in contact with the bag, so pictures can be tricky to analyse.

The second was at the World FT Champs, the particular guy in the pic was instructed (forced) by a German marshal to take his kneeling shot like this, apparently it is "German law" to do it this way.

No offence to the two individuals involved but bags for kneelers will always cause an area of issue in kneeling.

loose the bag, use a knee pad if required and a roll for support perhaps 4" diameter, 3" for smaller folk. leave them at the designated lane.

Foam rolls are available for exercise and sports therapy treatment, quite cheap. As they are foam they will have a consistent firmness, shouldn't squash with excessive use and are lightweight.

Just my own opinion

Totally agree about using the foam roll, being only slightly overweight, All I want from a kneeling lane is some ankle support, Get rid of the bag on kneeling lanes if the roll is used you wont need marshalls on the kneeling lanes....!!!!
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