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no talking about you steve . there are people around who will ban breathing if they could . if they are going to ban artificial aids . IE Slings and Bags for kneeling shots . then logic says that they must ban shooting Gloves and Shooting Jackets . yeah right , not gonna happen . the amswer of course it to shift over to open class . at the mo i would not consider doing it because there is not enough shooters in it . but the way it is going , there could be a lot more shooters in it shortly . thinking about it , the other reason not to is that you cannot qualify for the showdown and get your badge . BUT why not ,there are three courses put out for the showdown . the first two are used at the start . why not use the third one to have a Open showdown ? . 4 open shooters go through from each GP ( 7 rounds ) 28 shooters . .might be a bit thin on the ground to start with . but more bums on more seats is never a bad thing ??? HOLLY
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