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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Instead of moaning about this . how many shooters have tried kneeling on a bag that you could touch your bum to and seen the effect .i have a pair of kiltys bags , these are bigger than the average bag .much more comfortable to use . i took some of the beans out of the spare one , so as to see what actual difference it made . nothing . not a jot of difference . it is not that you are wobbling about on the bag . it is the rifle wobbling about on your knee , that makes it harder . it is more stable to kneel on the floor with your foot flat out behind you . but not everybody can do this . plus if the ground is stony . very muddy , would you want to do this . when talking about the diameter of the bags , consider this . the gent in front of me at southampton buccaneers , whilst attempting to sit on his standard bag on a reverse slope .actually missed the bag and went arse over apex . narrowly missing launching his rifle . leave the diameter alone i say . ??? HOLLY
Holly, I was shooting with the Gent in question who fell off his bean bag. I believe this happened as you stopped talking for a max of 30 seconds and the effect of a very short amount of peace and quiet made him fall off his bean bag in shock! ???

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