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Default Greyhound Rd5 3rd Batch (kneelers)

This is what you've all been waiting for. With baited breath.
A series depiction of kneelers, assuming the correct technique and positions of the three points of support allowed as specified in BFTA rules - using the seat bag/cushion to protect/keep the grounded knee clean.

This series of shots was commissioned, in a very demanding and imperious manner by a, nevertheless, likeably affable member of our shooting fraternity; for the purpose of instruction and edification to all.

I confess to having no idea who the shooter is in the first two shots, except that I'm sure that he wasn't one of those commissioned to demonstrate. Though he does seem to me to be doing everything correctly and according to 'the-book', so I am confident in including him in the series.

Alternatively, if your knees are knackered, as this gentleman assured me that his are, then there is an alternative kneeling position which he very wisely adopts with great success. And which, he assures me, is entirely free of all pain. (asuming, that is, that the target falls over. )

Please ensure that you direct any adverse or derogatory comment towards the initiator of this series, rather than to me. (in other words, don't behead the bearer of tidings that you may not wish to receive)

You may of course, as always, download any of these shots.
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