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It's hard to judge whether the posts on this thread are a representation of tin chicken shooters or just those that have bothered to post.

The organisers/shooters will have to decide how much they want kneelers to provide an interesting alternative challenge to the comfort zone stances ... and how far they go with the rules to enforce that challenge and try and keep kneelers as close to the true 'spirit' of the position as possible.

You can't have it all ways. You either just live with enormous bags and lots of shooters finding ways to use their position and bag to give a much steadier shot ... or you do something about it. Either stricter rules re bags ( I think that will always be controversial and difficult to police ) or removing bags from the shot and people will have to adapt re boots and new positions etc. Having followed the thread it seems rolls seem the best option to me.

We are now getting posts saying that this or that hurts and even talk of claims ( not even going to comment ). When you started sitting for the first time muscles that had never been used before probably hurt. Learn to adapt. Find a way around the problem. Muscles will strengthen over time. Find boots that will support the joint.

Re practice ... it's not a good idea to stay in the same position for long periods. Coaches will tell you to take a shot and then get up and start all over gain ... getting into the shot from scratch etc. Put a 25mm reset target at 35 yards. Shoot the 25mm out sitting and then reposition to kneeling and hit the 40mm reset paddle ... get up and get back in the sitting position. Try it at 40 yards ... 45 yards etc. That should help cause less problems than just kneeling for 20 shots.

I've always liked how FT has the different grades so shooters at different levels have competition and have a carrot to try and improve and get to the next grade. So no one wants every course to be the course of all courses with every shot at max difficulty level. You need some shots that are quite easy for the lower grade shooters and juniors and newbies etc. So kneelers provide an opportunity for really tough shots to help seperate the very top shooters. So you want them to be a hard challenge. So in my opinion the position/bag ruling should be such that they are in the true spirit of the kneeling shot.

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