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Originally Posted by AlexS View Post
I tried it today without a bag and I have to admit, after some time my foot hurts, although I used high boots. My aim was a bit less precise since it's a new stance; training will help, but that is the big problem for me. With the bag under my ankle I could shoot 20 Targets before my foot got numb, now I have only 5 shots before it hurts to much. Effective training is not possible for me without an ankle support.

Howbeit, if I come to UK I will use this:
The motion to alter the BFTA rules refers to the competition i.e. 2 targets taking about 2minutes in all with changes in position before and after (e.g. standing up, sitting, moving between lanes). Training is an entirely different matter and for extended practice times then use something to support the ankle, etc. You are confusing ISSF 3P shooting with a simulated hunting environment. I would have thought if you want to practice a position you make it as close as possible to the actual event i.e. sit, range, kneel, shoot target 1, change, shoot target 2, get up and repeat as wished. However, I am not a coach and offer only a common sense view of training exercises and leave others to make a more authoritative statement.
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