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Originally Posted by Where's Molly View Post
Thanks for a brilliant day and a crash course in learning to barrel check, and how to shoot high up peg, bridge, do yoga stances, shoot left handed (not!) And shoot a hft course without the normal easy hold the peg with your butt on the deck (gun not mine) as for the 15mm in field at 40yrds... EMOTIONAL :eek
Well done great fun ps remind me to get a lighter gun for round 2 !!!!!
Jen xxx :
Glad you enjoyed it Jen, it's actually an 18mm target out there ( I missed it twice )

There is usually more cr@p in the way but we heard you & Dop were coming so made it easy for you.. didn't stop Dopper shooting into some foliage though did it
Hope you can make the next one, where it might be a tad harder, so you have a few weeks where you can learn to shoot lefty & do some stretches
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