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Default Perception is All

There are very few words which will accurately describe my performance today. In fact I can only think of two.
Abysmal & Appalling.
Alternatively there are many words which will very adequately describe the utter dogs breakfast that I made of today, from start to finish.
Pathetic - Useless - You're Joking - Huhh ??????? - once again, Abysmal & Appalling - Cr#p - Putrid - and so on ad nauseum & ad infinitum.
It all depends upon your perspective.
At the moment I'm vacillating between only two words, and a dictionary full.

Until 3 lanes from the end, I had hit only one target.
Then Steve (Staffie) stopped being condescending, and started being honest. And he certainly has a far greater vocabulary range than I would ever have imagined possibly from such an articulate young man. So I hit 3 more targets.
Then I came home.

I must offer sincere and very genuine thanks to Phil, who personified patience and consideration.
And a remarkable degree of self-control to enable him to not say "for goodness sake, just put your gun away, and go."
Thank you also to Chris, for your time on the zero range when everyone else had gone home.

I make no excuses for my performance.
Today has been of my own making. And I have learned a lot. (like don't bother turning up at Sywell )

I'm terrified to look at the photo shots I took - or think I took.
They'll probably all consist of leaves, branches and blades of grass. I know I pointed the lens at people .... but ---------

Now Nick, you understand why I am so jealous of your excellent 27.
Many congratulations to James for your clearance. I'm truly delighted for you.

Mr P has very kindly offered to take me under his wing next Sunday at Castle.
He may regret having made the offer by this time in the evening.
You're only young once - so it's best to make it last for the whole of your lifetime.
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