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Well Mr Skires it appears your have branded me a cheat to the whole forum!
So a couple of things from me.
I don't cheat, I kneel as the rules state with three points of contact.
My wrist is forward of my knee with no support.
I am not sitting on the bag.
If I was told my position was in breach of the rules on any shot I would amend it and thank the person for pointing it out.
I would not be embarrassed to tell anyone if they were in an illegal position.

You can feel free to partner me at the next Gauntlet shoot and scrutinise my every shot. However I will not wait until I'm on a keyboard to make my observations and comments.
Actually that might not be a good idea as you might find that odd looking stock of yours ends up supporting your buttocks in a way you might not appreciate!

FT'ers sorry for bringing your thread down but after receiving a few cryptic texts from friends today I decided to call one and find out what was going on. After reading the thread I thought it only right that I defend myself.

Pete & Pete thanks for the support, I know neither of you would not hesitate to let any shooter know if their position was illegal.

Finally Skires my picture was in the photos section. Don't post an image of me on an open forum again you t###
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