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Default Car Parking

We have been down at the club today preparing for our round of the MFTA winter league, you know the kind of thing clearing the odd nettle from the woods.

Some of you may know we are in the process of having a 10m range built, the foundation was there at our last winter league and this did not seem to affect the car parking, HOWEVER at the moment there is a lot of building associated mess on the car park. We are hoping some of this will be cleared before our shoot.

If none of it is cleared then car parking will, I am afraid, be tighter than ever. So this is a 'heads up' for those of you travelling to our winter league. Car share wherever possible, this will help enormously and when you arrive at the shoot please park considerately. We know that the 1st squad shooters may want to leave once they have shot and we are planning to allow for this with the minimum of fuss.

We may be directing the parking on the day, please do as you are asked. Anyone who is rude or abusive to any marshals directing the parking will be leaving and not shooting.

On a lighter note I think the course we have planned for you all should be quite enjoyable.

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