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It wasn't a go at John ( I didn't know the lad's name ).

It was just an example of how shooters in HFT, as well as FT, are pushing the rules re bags and kneelers etc. That's why the BFTA have tried to do something about it. There are other photos of UKAHFT shoots where the angle of the photo clearly shows the shooters have contact with the buttocks.

It's a nightmare trying to make rules when people will try and find a way around them and 'buddies'/marshalls will not want a confrontation.

One of the comments that you make regularly is that rules need to be kept simple. No one wants a bible of rules. I totally agree with you.

Regarding this kneeling business there are clearly enough shooters ( in this thread FT ) that are unhappy with how some shooters are pushing the ruling/use of bags to gain an advantage.

( I posted the photo to show how bags can be scrunched up to give extra height in areas of the bag that 'may' be suspected as giving support in areas that they shouldn't. I'll go back and edit that post to remove the pic. Anyone can search through photos of HFT or FT and clearly see what's going on ).

I can't be the only one thinking that some shooters are pushing it re bags ... hence all the talk about kneelers and kneeling rules being changed now and then. I'm just as much to blame as anyone else re 'buddy' marshalling. At one of the shoots that I did attend this year a shooter on our lane was clearly sitting on the bag. One of the other lad's in our group pointed it out to me and said that's totally illegal. Neither of us said anything for the reason I mentioned above ... it's just embarrassing to stop the shooter and tell them that they need to change the position. That's why I said if it's not going to be enforced on everyone then to make it fair get rid of the problem ( FT ).

I can cut as much grass as you like, and that does stop me talking bollox on the net during the Summer, but it won't stop people sitting on bags.

I only mentioned HFT as a number of posters mentioned HFT and Pete had commented saying that the rule is enforced in HFT. Some of the photos of shoots suggest it isn't all of the time.

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