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When is a rule not a rule? When it's not enforced.

If you are not going to enforce/police it then remove the problem. In this case seats/bags. This new wording of the rule won't cure the problem. It will just mean some people will find a way to push the rule to it's limit to gain some advantage and convince themselves they can shoot.

This isn't just a FT problem. It's the same in HFT.

There are many examples of photos of various shooters throughout the season. It's a lot of pressure for someone ( a 'buddy' or a marshall ) to pull someone up and tell them that their kneeling stance is probably illegal and ask them to change it.

The wording regarding 'seats' in the rules has concentrated for some time on this 4 inch thick business when between two boards. The problem is that shooters have started using large bags that are flexible and will meet this 4 inch rule. However they can be scrunched up to give excessive height and support on either the buttocks or thighs etc.

A proposal could have been made to word the Seat/bag rule as follows ...

Seats ... No seat position or shooter position shall be used that results in any part of the seat/bag being higher than 4 inches off the ground.

( In addition )

Kneeling ... If using a seat then the only part of the body in contact with the seat shall be the knee, shin area, instep and upper foot of the right leg ( RH shooter ), or left leg ( LH shooter ). Contact between the bag and any part of the left leg/foot ( RH shooter ), or right leg/foot ( LH shooter ), and/or the buttocks is prohibited.

That wording sounds reasonable and may be backed by many. Same old same old ... if it is not enforced then some will take advantage and those that do comply will complain. So it's always the enforcing that will be the stumbling block.

In this light the only option is to remove the seat/bag from the equation. I totally agree with Rob F in that this will lead to people using hard soled boots to give the necessary support to the toes and ankle. This will then limit the flexibility to shoot raised or lowered targets. So this will mean limiting kneeling targets to within a certain elevation and range. I don't think that is a bad thing.

Kneelers are necessary, as are standers, to test shooter ability in a recognised shooting stance that is out of the comfort zone of 'freestyle' ( sitting FT/prone HFT ). So if kneeling properly, without dog beds allowing people to shoot 2 position ( knee off floor ) or shins/buttocks/thighs buried in a world of beans, means a limit on elevation of targets, then I think that is a step forward in promoting FT and HFT as serious target sports.

( HFT already have a maximum 30 degree limit on the kneeling targets ).

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