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Originally Posted by 5teve L View Post
The issue it seems Michael, is that some people have been using bags to kneel/sit on at the same time, or using them in such a way that the most of the bag is either at the rear, thus giving extra support under the thigh/buttocks, or the knee/shin is pushed right into the bag, thus forming a V in said bag & giving extra support.
The rules are to/have changed slightly to say that most of the bag must now be in front of the shooters knee, so it is only used to stop the knee going in the dirt. How this will be policed I have no idea, I think either no bag or some other aid for the knee (small carpet on said lanes, rubber mat, etc.) if you really don't like getting dirty would be alot easier to police.

Thats how I have read it anyway.

Oh & FT'ers like to moan alot over the winter.
Yeah! i realise that Steve, i was referring to the people who are concerned about the high or low targets being more difficult due to the new kneeling position......just a normal day in the life of an HFT'er...
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