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Default HFT super low mounts - whats the chance

Looking long and hard for some decent low 30mm dovetail mounts, ideally to get the scope bottom edge of objective about 5mm above barrel top.

Now I had tried temporarily mounting the scope with some "sticky tape and brown paper" head and eye position is good but found any lower and I began to see the front top edge of the LG100 forestock in the view and it was very annoying.

Only recently found the links to the bespoke mounts on here so may now look that way but in the mean time how lucky is this....

Initially was going to get some Nikko Sterlings (basically Aluminium copy of Warne type mounts but the ones I found were 2mm lower - I know ) either using the Nikkos direct or possibly machining the bottom dovetails down I think you could easily get 2-3mm off these without effcting function.

The lowest mounts I could find were from Ant Supplies, now these lot sell some decent stuff but also some cheap nasty stuff - the mounts were 10, yes ten pounds

I like to get the best of most things that I can afford but I couldnt find lower and I think for PCP shooting the demands on mounts are minimal compared to springers or powder burners so I thought lets have a go.

I wasnt expecting quality, Ant service was excellent, the mounts arrived and they were reasonable, but different, there was a very slight difference in the finish "shine" of each. They could well be BSquare mounts.

Also noticed when holding the mounts together I could feel a difference in heights, it was dificult to see due to the rounded edges but it was there, a quick check with the calipers showed about 0.4mm

Not sure how this was going to effect scope slope because if the mount body heights were different its likely the dovetails shapes were also. So mounted them and tried a test bar I had made from some rod turned down to 30.00mm, lateral alignment seemed OK (didnt want to damage the scope) so in went the scope.

Barrel clearance was 7mm, not too bad.

Plumbed the cross hairs the quick way (looking the wrong way down the scope with a line on the floor perpendicular through the butt pad). Optically zeroed the scope and took a shot at 23 yards, it missed by 20mm

A few click of windage and elevation and zeroed, I have put about 500 shots through it since and nothing has moved

My biggest worry is they may mark the scope body (I hate shimming and this is effectively the same) but they did seem well rounded and had plenty of paint on them

Not comfortable with the quality of these mounts but I cannot fault the chance function
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